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Leadership Coaching

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Leadership coaching

We support leaders as they do the challenging work of moving teams forward. Through purposeful, focused conversations within a prescribed time frame, we unlock higher levels of performance.

As Leadership Coach, Sharon partners with top performing leaders to help them achieve clarity and chart a path to an envisioned future. With a balance of a warm presence and challenging encouragement, Sharon creates a rapport with her clients and inspires them to reach further to maximize their talent advantage. Sharon draws on her strategic thinking, insight and experience as a savvy business leader to help clients focus on their talents and strengths, so they can up their game and achieve lasting, transformative results.

Sharon is patient, analytical, attentive and resourceful. She keeps pulling attention back to the pieces of the puzzle that are mine to work on.
— Senior Leader

Certifications include:

  • EQ-i 2.0/ EQ 360 Emotional Intelligence

  • Leadership Circle Profile

  • Hogan Assessment Certification