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Through career coaching, Sharon Krohn Consulting helps individuals gain clarity by providing space to explore, grow and succeed. We help you uncover passion in your work and life, while inviting new ideas and new ways of thinking -- all in a safe place to be yourself, and discover who you are and who you want to become.

A trusted partner dedicated to supporting your agenda

Whether you are in the process of a career transition, assessing your career trajectory, re-entering the workforce, entering the job market for the first time, or considering your retirement or an encore career, Sharon Krohn Consulting provides professional coaching expertise to help you on your journey. Our clients report successes including; receiving the offer of a dream job, transitioning to a new career, and finding the joy of a meaningful, appreciative workplace.

While you are responsible for your own success, we help you clarify your goals, evaluate your options and guide you toward your desired aspirations. We help your appreciate your strengths and talents, and give you the tools to position yourself most effectively to enable you to get where you want to go.


A new start, transition or return to the workplace after a hiatus takes special focus and skills.  We work together to create a vision for your future, and develop a game plan to help you get there.  We will help you focus on your skills and passions and help you build a compelling story. We will teach interview and networking secrets, polish your presentation so you are ready to put your best self forward.  When the time comes we will support your negotiations to be sure you that you leave nothing on the table and walk in with the best financial package.   We'll also coach you through on-boarding to ensure a smooth transition back to work. All with patience, understanding and encouragement.

Sharon was instrumental in guiding me through a pivotal point in my career, as I was making the leap from a well established corporate job to entrepreneur. Sharon’s organized approach made the transition possible and joyful for me. Sharon’s process and focus helped me identify what our values are, emphasize the importance of our brand, and create a realistic business plan to set out revenue expectations for our first year. She is truly most sincere and patient, I am forever grateful of my time with Sharon.
— Anastacia Fratto, ResElevate
Sharon offered a fantastic coaching program that truly fit my individual needs and provided me structure, accountability, unbelievable support and inspiration. Sharon guided me through a crucial process of self-reflection and helped me, step-by-step, to develop my resume, pitch and other self-marketing tools. As a result of our coaching process, I developed the clarity and self-confidence I needed to move forward and have made a successful move in my career. Sharon help me find my dream job!  Sharon continues to be an incredible mentor and coach, and I consider her support and mentoring to be a huge contributor to my success.
— Portfolio Manager
Sharon is a great career coach, she is a great listener, someone that is able to provide direction. She helped me gain confidence in myself and in my work experience. Sharon demonstrates a genuine sense of caring while supporting and guiding in all phases of the career coaching process. I highly recommend Sharon and look forward to working with her again in the future.
— Returning Mom
...regarding your job negotiation advice...Your advice was perfect! When I spoke to my HR contact, I calmly provided the rational reasons for countering and they fully accepted my signing bonus and salary increase counter. It was great!
Thank you so much !
— Senior IT Leader