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Leadership Coaching

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Executive coaching

Through executive & leadership coaching, Sharon Krohn Consulting helps individuals gain clarity by providing space to explore, grow and succeed. We help you uncover passion in your work and life, while inviting new ideas and new ways of thinking -- all in a safe place to be yourself, and discover who you are and who you want to become.

A trusted partner dedicated to supporting your agenda

Whether you are assessing your career trajectory, driving towards that promotion, or developing new skills for a new role, Sharon Krohn Consulting provides professional coaching expertise to help you on your journey. Lost your mojo? We help you find joy in your work. Our clients report successes including; securing a coveted promotion, earning their largest bonus, receiving the offer of a dream job, and enjoying the heartfelt appreciation of supervisors, friends and family.

While you are responsible for your own success, we guide you toward your desired aspirations and sometimes toward goals that may surprise you. We'll get to the heart of the issue and co-create a space where growth happens and change is made.  

Executive Leadership

Leadership is hard and can be isolating. At Sharon Krohn Consulting we will serve as your savvy sounding board and accountability partner, challenging your thinking and enabling new perspectives and personal and professional growth.

Emerging leaders

Celebrating the energy and creativity of emerging talent, we co-create a place to explore new approaches. From polishing communication skills and executive presence to developing a better work-life balance, we help you chart a clear vision and a path to you get you there. 

Mid-career Directors and Professionals

We work with professionals at all levels and bring a fresh approach to management


Women leaders

We bring our deep expertise and advocacy to our work with women in leadership to navigate the unique challenges women face.

Spiritual Leaders

We bring  mindful empathy to working with leaders of religious and mission-based organizations. We understand the  unique challenges and opportunities they face. 


As a coaching client of Sharon, I have truly benefited from her life-changing gifts. Her genuine professional investment in me and her careful listening on multiple levels have altered my thought process. Sharon has helped me to distill a satisfying path of endeavor and to develop a realistic and actionable plan. As a result of my interactions with Sharon, I leave her company with a heightened awareness of possibilities and walk away with a fresh perspective of a path appropriate for me, my passions and skill set.
— Portfolio Manager
Sharon always challenged me to step outside my comfort zone, and her insights and guidance helped me develop communication and management style that fits my personality.
— Portfolio Manager